The fragrance is called the Bosporus Strait, which divides Europe and Asia. The fragrance of “Khan Bosphorus”, brings a sense of freshness and carries bright notes of peach, raspberries and indescribable shades of citrus, backed by notes of bergamot and sandalwood. Perfume will give you a cheerful mood and a sense of easy euphoria, emanating from the delicate tightening of a lily of the valley vanilla and musk .. Fruity, fresh, musky fragrance for men and women. .

Top notes: Lemon, Passion fruit, Bergamot and orange.
Medium notes: White musk, Lily of the valley and vanilla.
Base notes: Ambergris, Heliotrope and Musk.


Sarah- Female name, of biblical origin. The fragrance corresponds to all the tenderness and femininity of its name, transferring these qualities to the notes of the Turkish rose in a bouquet with soft spices. After a sense of romanticism, presented with perfume at first, will follow the sensual integration of amber, violet and papyrus. A rosy, mildly spicy fragrance for men and women.
Pink, softly spicy aroma for men and women. .

Top notes: Guayac, Pinky tincture and pink pepper.
Medium notes: Violet, Turkish rose.
Base notes: Papyrus, Musk and Ambergris.
Seven Hills

Seven Hills

Istanbul, an ancient city located on seven hills, which is the name of the perfume. The rich history of the great city, inspired the creators of Khan Perfume, to present the luxurious perfume “SEVEN HILLS”. On a rich fruit background, the perfume conveys a sweet aroma of pear and jasmine fusion. Here, the aroma does not cease to amaze the owner, prolonging the idyll with notes of ambergris, tuberose, touching the airy hue of pink pepper. Animal, white-flowered, woody and fruity fragrance for women.
Animal, whitish, woody and fruity fragrance for women. .

Top notes: Tuberose, Muscat sage, fruit notes.
Middle notes: Jasmine Sambak, Ylang-ylang, muscat pepper, pear and pink pepper.
Base notes: Musk, Ambergris, Patchouli.