Being the Turkish brand of selective perfumery Khan Luxury Perfume, represents a line of fragrances created by a unique method, which resulted in a careful arrangement of the ancient spirit of the majestic east, keeping pace with a modern vision of style and fashion. The brand was created in 2017 and is a new breath in the world of perfumery. The introductory line that includes 6 flavors is just the beginning. The rapture that embraces you as soon as you touch the fragrance is the result of scrupulous work on details. Feeling the air of the fragrance itself there will be no doubt that before you is a masterpiece that opens in 6 variations and pleases the eye with 3 different tones. Logo Khan Luxury Perfume, this is nothing more than a careful attitude to the notion of taste and style. In front of you is a silhouette of a rider with a shield and a sword, embodying the militant spirit of the east, showing the desire to win the hearts of every connoisseur of beauty. This magnificence is transferred to the lining of the fragrance in the form of a single ingot of pure metal, proudly blossoming right in the center of the masterpiece, allowing you not only to contemplate but also to touch the new symbol of art and grace.